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Stephanie Vitorino

What Drives You To Teach Fitness and Health?

I’ve struggled with my own weight and know what it takes to gain control. That inspires me to share my experience with others. Hard work pays off, in fitness and life.

What Are Some Fitness Tips?

What really matters is that you exercise 3-5 days a week. It's also very important to pre-plan all your workouts for the rest of the week. Know what you have setup for yourself and make time for health.

What is Your Fitness Story?

I am a nationally certified fitness trainer with over 12 years of coaching experience in exercise physiology. With a positive approach to fitness I work hard to inspire students to take control of their lives through a focused commitment toward better health. I also work hard to bring a spark of originality and dynamism to my classes. I started out as a professional dancer. 


Stephanie Vitorino

Pro Body Sculptor, "Bootylicious Buns" Creator, Stephanie's a contributing Fitness Expert to Shape & Oxygen Magazine