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Liz Arch

Why did you join SpiroFit?

I joined SpiroFit because I wanted to be a part of an online community that makes fitness and healthy living accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location. SpiroFit is unique because it offers subscribers access to the nation’s top trainers in the privacy of their own home.  It’s like having a private session for a fraction of the cost and instead of just one trainer or one workout style, you have access to a wide variety of classes and fitness modalities to fit your mood, lifestyle and individual goals. 

What is your mission as a trainer and how is SpiroFit a vehicle to help you achieve your goals?

My mission is to help empower people to lead healthier, happier lives.  I want to give people the tools to feel better, perform better and live better.  When we feel our best, we have more energy, exude more confidence and attract joy and abundance in all areas of our lives.  I love introducing yoga to people who may not have the financial means or access to classes on a daily basis and SpiroFit allows me that opportunity to reach and connect with more people on an individual basis.

What fitness genre do you specialize in?

I am inspired by all forms of movement and creative expression, but I specifically specialize in yoga and martial arts.  I have over 10 years of experience in various yoga and martial arts stylesI have combined the best elements of all of the different styles I have studied into my own style called Primal Yoga®.  Primal Yoga is a dynamic yoga/martial arts fusion class that merges Vinyasa yoga with the playfulness of Capoeira, the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into an athletic and heat-building flow that builds balance, strength, power and flexibility.


Liz Arch

Liz Arch teaches yoga/martial arts fusion to celebrities, musicians, Olympic athletes, business execs, and now you.