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David Weck

What Do You Bring to SpiroFit Viewers?

All my life I have loved to exercise and explore better ways to get more from my training.  I've been called a "mad genius" (fortunately it was said as a compliment) and also a "visionary" in the fitness world.  I'm certainly not afraid to think outside of the box which has led to some profound discoveries like creating the BOSU® Balance Trainer and other innovative products. I look forward to sharing my fitness energy and philosophy with you.

Who Are Some Of Your Fitness Influences?

I'm a voracious reader and used to be a full fledged anatomy & physiology geek.  I draw tremendous influence from the works of Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Rolf, and F.M. Alexander, all of whom were pioneers in somatic (body) education.  I've continued to expand my knowledge in diverse areas including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan. I've been fortunate to have studied or worked with many incredible teachers, coaches, and mentors all of my life and still to this day.

Can You Sum Up the BOSU Philosophy?

BOSU® - “Both Sides Utilized” - is how the human body is designed to move and function most efficiently.  It is the common thread in crawling, walking, and running. One of the reasons it is so refreshing and meditative to simply go for a walk – something many people do far too little of these days - is the rhythmic harmony it promotes in your entire body.


David Weck

David Weck is the inventor of BOSU® - a favorite of Olympians, MMA fighters and featured by Oprah.