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"I believe health and fitness begin from the inside out. I feel very fortunate to be able to have made such an impact on the fitness and health of so many people."
- Tamilee Webb
Two Revolutionary Fitness Systems
Workout with fitness "Hall Of Fame" Instructor Tamilee Webb
Know for her "Buns of STEEL" and "Abs of STEEL" workout videos, watch new and exciting classes with Tamilee on demand anytime and on any device.
Your favorite Hall of Fame instructor, Abs of Steel star, Tamilee Webb brings you six new innovative classes to help you build that six pack and trim the belly fat. From 10 to 40 minutes, these classes are suitable for all levels.
Body Sculpting
Do you have 30 minutes to devote to your body today? Which body part would you like Tamilee to help you with? Choose one of her six body sculpting classes to focus on your troubled area. Her workouts will shape your booty, sculpt your arms, abs, and legs!
Stop wasting $100's on weight loss programs that promise you the body of your dreams.
Integrate fitness into your daily routine with a our world-renowned fitness expert!
About Tamilee
Star of "Buns & Abs of STEEL".
Inducted into the"Fitness Hall Of Fame".
Master’s degree in exercise science
CEO of Webb International.
Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education.
Fitness expert on FitTV.
Fitness Instructor of the Year award, bestowed by IDEA.
From Tamilee
"I believe health and fitness begin from the inside out. It’s really about having a strong heart, muscles, lungs, healthy liver, spleen, GI track and more. If we could unzip our body and take a look at the inside, it really would tell us more about how healthy we are. Skinny doesn’t always equal Fit! I have a quote I love repeating “If you don’t take care of your health now, you’ll pay for it later”. Please expect a 20 or 30-minute workout that will target key body parts: abs, buns, arms and more. I'll be offering fun, safe exercises for all fitness levels -- including warm ups, stretches and verbal education. You need very little space to take my classes, unless I'm doing some dance with you. You'll need 6X6 feet for traveling movement or 3x3 feet for resistance workouts. If you don't have dumbbells, steps, bands or other equipment I’ll be suggesting alternatives. I’ll also encourage you to do the exercise even if you don’t have the equipment to get used to the movement."
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