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"Through spiritual counseling and life coaching, people are given the tools to change the pathway they're on. A spiritual life coach will help you find your true self by providing you with knowledge on how to evolve into your own greatness."
- Skip Jennings
Three Revolutionary Fitness Systems
Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit With Skip's Fitness Systems
Challenge your muscles in different ways to keep your body fresh and energized. Each system is designed to help you slim your waist line and gain core strength in less time.
Cardio Zen
Cardio Zen is an interval class incorporating H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga. Your balance will be challenged experiencing a complete holistic experience.
Yoga with Skip
For alignment, balance, strength, power, flexibility, detoxifying organs, calming the mind and connecting to the inner self.
Discover who you truly are! Recognizing the true inner spirit is very difficult. It is because of self limitations that restrictions are felt at all: limited beliefs, view points, and goals all contribute to the constraints felt on a daily basis. 
Stop wasting $100's on weight loss programs that promise you the body of your dreams.
Integrate fitness into your daily routine with one of our world-renowned fitness experts!
About Skip
Certified group fitness trainer & spiritual counselor.
Certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor through the Aerobics.
Fitness Association of American Certified Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN).
From Skip
"I have been teaching dance, group fitness, and yoga for 20 years and I am certified through AFAA, ACE, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, holding fifteen qualifications in group fitness, personal training, nutrition and life coaching--- as well as a Bachelors in Fine Arts from New York University. I appear in many fitness videos, both domestic and international, infomercials and instructor training DVDs. I believe in Mind, Body and Spirit. The connection between the three is so strong that you cannot completely heal one without healing the other two at the same time. Personal fitness training is the key to weight loss and overall physical wellbeing. Through fitness and proper nutrition, realistic goals setting and motivation, physical health can be met."
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