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"My DVD's have helped millions of people around the world and now you can train with me in your home or wherever you are and transform your body and life."
- Ana Caban
Four Revolutionary Fitness Systems
Become sexy, sleek and strong with Ana's fitness systems
Challenge your muscles in different ways to keep your body fresh and energized. Each system is designed to help you slim your waist line and gain core strength in less time.
g The Scoop Series
Six classes with original floor exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Lengthen, strengthen, tone and center the body with an emphasis on the "powerhouse," the core and more. Classic Pilates exercises to strengthen, tone and center the body.
Pilates Mat
A Pilates-inspired express workout series to target the entire body, with quick, area-specific workouts for quick results. Each of these six workouts you'll target your abs, glutes, legs, back, arms, core, or the entire body.
Hardcore in a Hurry
A series of three 15-minute workouts, using light weights, gliding disks or just your own body weight. Challenge your core, and more in this innovative express Pilates.
Core Cross Train
Ana's innovative cross training workout specially designed for SpiroFit. Challenge your core and more with this combination of Pilates, cardio, balance and strength training moves.
Stop wasting $100's on weight loss programs that promise you the body of your dreams.
Integrate fitness into your daily routine with a world-renowned fitness expert!
A Little About Ana
Bestselling Pilates Instructor (DVD's).
International Fitness Presenter for IDEA Health & Wellness.
Certified Peak Pilates Educator.
Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach.
Pilates Certification from Romana Kryzanowska. (School of Joseph Pilates)
From Ana
"I Joined SpiroFit because after more than a decade of creating Pilates DVDs I wanted to stay relevant and accessible through the latest technology. No longer do you need to have a DVD player and a TV to workout with me. You can now workout with me on the go, on your computer or on your mobile device. There are no excuses not to exercise!When tuning in to my shows you can expect to get a great, full-body, low-impact, core-blasting workout. You’ll gain strength and flexibility, and you’ll have fun! You might even pick up a little Spanish along the way."
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"Core Cross Train" - Fitness System (3 Class Series)
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